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What Drives Us @ The Tap

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Thanks for stopping by!

We are so happy you have chosen to explore our office and our approach to chiropractic care. The chiropractic profession was built on the philosophy that the body has the intelligence to heal itself. It was founded on the base that the brain and body (including organs, blood vessels, muscles, and nerves) communicate in the form of a never-ending loop. The brain sends signals to the intricate parts of the body, those parts process and respond to the brain. The brain then processes the new information and sends respond signals. This happens again and again at a speed we can’t even begin to comprehend.

Here at The Tap we love to grow from that philosophy and teach our patients that their systems grow in response to stressors. This means the good stressors, as well as the bad. Stressors like traumas, toxins, or thoughts can cause a less than optimal adaptation within our system. When this happens, that astonishing, never-ending loop of crucial communication between the brain and intricate parts of the body becomes interrupted. These interruptions decrease the body’s ability to promote wellness throughout the system. Very often, these interruptions are rooted at a misalignment in the spine. We call this a subluxation.

But what IS a Subluxation?

When we analyze the effects of a subluxation, or a blockage in the ability of the brain and body to communicate appropriately, we find issues that are far often too common. In adults we see, headaches, pain, indigestion, stiffness, weight gain, depression, anxiety, irritability, high blood pressure, and more. In children, a subluxation could present itself as a stall in development, bed wetting, lack of emotional control, restlessness, headaches, inconsistent bowel movements, frequent ear infections, poor eye movements, behavioral issues, frequent sickness, and cognitive challenges. In infants, a subluxation could look like colic, poor bowel movements, spitting up, vomiting, poor sleep, inability to thrive, one-sided favoring in the body, unintegrated reflexes, and more.

We are honored to serve you...

Our philosophy has not changed much since the birth of chiropractic in 1895. We are firm believers that our systems were created with the amazing ability to heal themselves and that the human system is constantly ready to grow and adapt. We love to investigate the root cause of physical, emotional, cognitive, developmental, and social issues plaguing all our patients. We take the responsibility of walking alongside our patients to a more optimal way of life very seriously.


We believe that there is no such thing as a bad kid and that no parent should ever feel embarrassed or ashamed. In our office we create a safe environment to promote your body’s ability to heal from traumas, toxins, and thoughts by removing brain-body communication interference and allowing the body the opportunity to do what it was so beautifully created to do.

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