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Stress in Babies & Children: What YOU can do about it

Stress can be good or bad...

It’s all about the timing and ability to adapt!

Chiropractic care improves the ability of the body to adapt to everyday stressors in an appropriate way!Here are some stressors we notice in our beautiful practice members:

🎤 Social

- First day of School

- School breaks

- Friendships

- Holidays

- School Breaks

- Lack of routine

💪🏼 Physical

- Falls

- Nutrition

- Sleep

- Bed wetting

- Sickness

- Sports

♥️ Emotional

- Discipline vs Punishment

- Relationships with others

- Relationships of others

- Loss

- Changes (big or small)

📚 Cognitive

- Academic Drilling

- Age appropriate movies

- Auditory stimulation while learning

- Visual Acuity & Reflex

🧠 Developmental

- ALL Milestones

- Neurological Reflexes

- Verbal Communication Changes

- Consistent Predictably Pegs

❕What YOU can do about it:❕

- Get your child checked by a pediatric chiropractor consistently

- Ask about neurological readiness when implementing change

- Watch your child with a curious eye

- Ask what tools is my child using to process their world

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